Lost is a map game created by Polandball421, set in a fictional world called Liamothesia.Lost


  • Polandball421 - Republic of Rythia
  • Tacosia12 - Crusonian Empire
  • FlyingHatSoldier8531 - Resistian Empire
  • EmprorCheesecakes - Weslsyian Republic

How to Join the GameEdit

Send me a message on my wall, saying the nation's name and what font you want it to be in.

How to PlayEdit

Just have fun, don't do anything unreasonable, and make sure to play nice.


  • Rythia Flag Rythia expands further south.
  • Crusonian Empire Flag Crusonia expands Northwest.
  • Resistia expands southeast.
  • Flag of Weslsyia Weslsyia is founded in the North East as 6 small islands clumped up together. They expand Southwest.
  • Rythia Flag Rythia expands further southeast and east.
  • Crusonian Empire Flag The Crusonian Empire expands farther Northwest and starts expanding East.
  • Resistia expands North.
  • Flag of Weslsyia Weslsyia expands all directions.
  • Rythia Flag Rythia expands.
  • Crusonian Empire Flag Crusonia expands Northeast and Northwest.
  • Resistia expands northwest