Future of New Earth is a map game created by Polandball421 and thought of by Tacosia12. (note: this game is non-canon to the FictionEarth universe)Map of New Earth

Players Edit

(player order is turn order)

(bold is mod)

(italics is game manager)

  • Polandball421 - United Republic of Liamosia
  • Tacosia12 - Tacosian Empire
  • EmprorCheesecakes - Empiran Republic

How to Join Edit

To join, leave me a message on my wall. State your country name, the colour you want the country you wish to be, and then you can join.

How to Play Edit

Every player has a turn. On your turn, you may do anything within reason (not something like: Terosia invades Liamosia, or, Yepos gets 10000000 nukes). The order on the list above depicts the turn order. On your turn, you must add the nation's flag (at size 24px), and then say exactly what you are doing. If you do not check in for 5-10 hours (unless you have an acceptable reason), you get skipped, and if you do not check in for 10 days, your slot is deleted. Only mods may skip or boot players.

Turns Edit

2028 Edit

NPC TurnsEdit

  • Deshtubb invades Yepos.
  • Bruteland invades Minecraftia.

Player TurnsEdit

  • Liamosia Flag Liamosia supports Minecraftia against the Brutes by sending food and supplies. We also attack Hybiranea.
  • Tacosian Empire Flag Tacosia decides to go on the offense and invades Garrenland and Thundaria. Milkland also signs a unification pact with Tacosia to form the Tacosian-Milklandian Commonwealth.
  • Empirion Flag Empirion invades Bruteland and reannexes Defenisera. Wyattown is captured. Empirion goes to the Westworldian Continent.
  • Liamosia Flag Liamosia partitions Bruteland, giving land to Empirion, Minecraftia, and ourselves. We also invade Garrenland, regaining Tradetown and other cities.
  • Tacosian Empire Flag Tacosia asks Liamosia to leave Garrenland and will give them Tradetown and nothing more. Tacosia also captures Garrenland in 1 week causing a surrender and an annexation of Garrenland by Tacosia.