Empires of Europe: Nineteen Thirty is an alternate history map game created and managed by Polandball421.EoE 1930

Players Edit

(player order indicates turn order)

(bold indicates game mod status. To ask for moderator status, send me a message on my wall)

  • Polandball421 - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • EmprorCheesecakes - German Reich
  • Tacosia12 - Kingdom of Italy

How to Join Edit

Leave me a message on my wall, saying the name of the country you want to be and the colour you want me to use on the map.

How to Play Edit

Every player has a turn. On your turn, you may do anything within reason (not something like: Turkey invades China, or, Ireland gets 10000000 nukes). The order on the list above depicts the turn order. On your turn, you must add the nation's flag (at size 24px), and then say exactly what you are doing. If you do not check in for 10 hours, you get skipped, and if you do not check in for 10 days, your slot is deleted.