Cold War: Everlasting is a map game created by Polandball421.

It is 1965. The Cold War is at its peak. Tensions are at an all-time high between the Western world and the Eastern world. Who will come out on top?Cold War- Everlasting


(player order is turn order)

(bold is mod)

(italics is game host/mapmaker)

  • Polandball421 - United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
  • EmprorCheesecakes - People's Republic of Poland
  • Tacosia12 - Federal Republic of Germany
  • FlyingHatSoldier8531 - Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

How to Join Edit

To join, leave me a message on my wall. State your country name, the colour you want the country you wish to be, and then you can join.

How to Play Edit

Every player has a turn. On your turn, you may do anything within reason (not something like: Turkey invades China, or, Ireland gets 10000000 nukes). The order on the list above depicts the turn order. On your turn, you must add the nation's flag (at size 24px), and then say exactly what you are doing. If you do not check in for 5-10 hours (unless you have an acceptable reason), you get skipped, and if you do not check in for 10 days, your slot is deleted. Only mods may skip or boot players.

New FeaturesEdit

Nuke BattleEdit

A special new feature is Nuke Battle. In Nuke Battle, you send up to two nukes directly at any of a country's target cities. Target cities will be listed. You may use this feature once every 5 turns.

You must now sit out a certain amount of turns every time you build nukes. (amount of turns depends on how many nukes are built)

1-10: no turns

11-25: 1 turn

26-50: 2 turns

51- 100: 4 turns

Anymore than 100: 8 turns

more to be added soon



Non-Playable Character TurnsEdit

  • North Korea attacks South Korea again.
  • Norway and Finland go to war.
  • East Germany attempts a revolution without Soviet knowledge.
  • Finland breaks out into civil war between capitalists and communists.

Player TurnsEdit

  • 300px-Flag of the United Kingdom.svg The UK supports East Germany's revolution and the Capitalist Fins. We also invade Ireland and Norway.
  • Poland invades East Germany to restore the communist government with the Help of all the Warsaw Pact except Romania. East Germany has an option to stay and independent state, or depend heavily on the USSR and Poland. A Referendum is held in East Berlin. We support Communist Finland and North Korea in the War.
  • 250px-Flag of Germany.svg Germany supports South Korea in the war and invades East Germany to restore the German Republic. However the Germans meet the Poles and shots are fired. Germany requests help from the UK and the rest of NATO.