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1815 Map Game

Players (Countries)Edit

This is the order in which the players will take their turns.

RuleGermania13 - Ottoman Empire

Polandball421 - Kingdom of Prussia

EmprorCheeseBritannia - Austrian Empire

COMP. 1 - Sardinia

COMP. 2 - Sweden-Norway

COMP. 3 - Romania


Ottoman Empire: Riots break out in Wallachia and Moldavia to become an independent country, backed by Russia. The Ottomans soon declare war on Russia due to this very reason.

Prussia: Prussia in a daring move attacks Denmark and the smaller German states.

Austria: Wishing to expand influence, the Austrian Empire attacks Bavaria, Saxony and the Two Sicilies.

Sardinia: Due to the expansion of Austria into the Two Sicilies, Sardinia buys Corsica from France and annexes the Papal States.

Sweden-Norway: They attack Denmark in an attempt to gain Iceland and Greenland.

Ottoman Empire: The Ottomans attack in Russian Bessarabia, but lose much land to the rebels who call themselves the Romanian Freedom Party. The Ottomans ask for peace and a peace treaty is signed giving the Kingdom of Romania independence, but also gaining Bessarabia from Russia after a referendum.

Prussia: We take Denmark and annex the other German states, except Bavaria, which we give to Austria. We push Sweden-Norway out of Denmark and form the Prussian Empire.

Austria: The Two Sicilies surrender and are annexed into Austria along with Bavaria. Austria also attack Russia to gain Poland. 

Sardinia: Sardinia invades the rest of the Italian states in order to unite the Italian Peninsula.

Sweden-Norway: They invade the Aland Islands and declare war on Russia to release Finland.

Romania: Planning on taking Transylvania and to help their Russian ally, declare war on Austria and push into Transylvania.

Ottoman Empire: The Ottomans support Romania against Austria and Sweden, but not the Russians and help Sardinia unite the peninsula.

Prussia: We remain neutral in the Russo-Turkish conflict. We also invade France.